About Me

My goal is break a stigma

Two, actually.

I’m a two-time brain tumour survivor who lives with epilepsy.

A nocturnal tonic-clonic (formerly grand mal) seizure lead to the discovery of the first tumour. Overnight, at 15 years old, my life had changed. Then in grade 12, I received a second brain tumour diagnosis a month before Christmas.

Speaking about my tumours and epilepsy with humour is therapeutic. And it’s part of the goal. The other is to educate the public about epilepsy, seizures, and brain tumours, covering uncomfortable topics and debunking myths. Through comedy, I provide first-hand accounts from personal experiences.

former television and radio broadcaster, I’m currently a freelance reporter and author with a Creative Communications diploma in journalism from Red River College in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. For fun, I’m a competitive adult figure skater – and sometimes I’m an actor.

IG: tammykaratchuk
I’m available for:

  • Elementary and High Schools (grade five to grade 12)
  • Educational Forums
  • Universities and Colleges
  • Support Groups

I’m also available for emotional support for:

  • People living with epilepsy and/or their caregivers
  • Brain tumour patients (pre-and-post surgical) and/or their caregivers
  • Patients entering – or considering – the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU) and/or their caregivers

For booking information, please visit my contact page.