Tammy W. Karatchuk

Freelance Reporter, Author, Blogger/Vlogger, and Speaker


Tammy accepted a 10-month contract with Shaw TV Edmonton, living a seven minute walk from West Edmonton Mall. After Shaw, she worked for the Edmonton Journal as their freelance figure skating reporter attending sectionals, simulations, and covering skaters from Alberta, including Kaetlyn Osmond, Ravi Walia, and Ben Ferreira. While in Edmonton, she started a social media blog – with Facebook and Twitter – called The Skating Scene.

Currently, Tammy lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba as a freelance reporter and blogger/vlogger. Her primary topics are figure skating, health, and investigations. Tammy’s hobbies include competitive figure skating (minus 2020/2021), writing novels, singing, and acting.

Tammy is pursuing her undergrad at the University of Manitoba as a part time student, majoring in Criminology.

She can be contacted at tkaratchuk@gmail.com

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