Motivational Speech Topics

My goal is to remove stigma surrounding brain tumours and seizures through age appropriate humour and life lessons from first-hand experiences. It’s important to note not all seizures are classified as epilepsy.

My speeches include the below topics. Some speeches will be combined depending on the audience – such as nine to 12 and post-secondary education.

  • Seizures, Brain Tumours, and School:
    • A comedic account of how a student’s life can change overnight. Again, again, and again. Each speech is tailored for grades three to four, five to eight, and nine to 12.
  • Seizures, Brain Tumours, and Small Towns:
    • For small towns from a former small town girl. Some topics include: stigma and coping, dealing with doctor shortages, the importance of “rescue medication,” and a “seizure team,” and support systems.
    • Recommended for smaller groups
  • Seizures, Brain Tumours, and Post-Secondary Education:
    • Learning how to deal when life doesn’t go as planned. And that’s why I’m not a lawyer.
  • Seizures, Brain Tumours, and Employment
    • For employers and employees about best practices when someone has a seizure while working or at their business. Because I was fired from a shoe store and I like shoes.
  • Seizures, Brain Tumours, and the Media:
    • The fear of imperfection and judgment from first hand experience.
  • Losing Your License:
    • Learning to thrive despite not being able to drive. The importance of realizing it’s not your fault.
  • Seizures and Sports Education
    • Ideal for coaches and members of the sports community. Session covers topics such as seizure education, proper recording and reporting of seizures, responsible medication handling, and fairness in sport.
  • Seizures on Set:
    • An ideal session for film crews, casting directors, and actors who encounter someone on the set of a movie, commercial and so forth having a seizure. This covers seizure protocol, staying calm on a crowded set, and other topics.
  • My Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU) Experience:
    • An educational and humorous session about my EMU experience. What to expect from check-in to check-out.
  • Seizures in Hollywood:
    • A session for film crews considering a seizure component in their production. Covering topics such as seizure education, Q & A about seizure scenes, and the dangers of sensationalizing.
  • Living Alone With Seizures:
    • An educational and humorous session about living either away from home or on your own. Covering topics such as safety, remaining healthy, and personal experiences.
  • The MRI Experience
    • An educational and humorous session about MRI machines. How to stay calm – or keep your child calm – in a long tube.