Can You Dispute COVID Facts When There are Three Sides to Every Story

I believe in masks.

I wear a mask to protect you in case I’m asymptomatic. I social distance. I understand neither of these precautions are a 100 per cent guarantee, but I’m not about to experiment. I don’t attend gatherings. I live alone. I work from home. I leave home for an item or two – otherwise it’s Instacart to the rescue because I refuse to spend two hours in a store. These are all recommendations by Chief Public Health Officer, Dr. Brent Roussin. Minus Instacart, but they’re good and they’re fast.

There are stories about overflowing ERs. I’ve heard them first-hand from someone who was transferred to three different hospitals over 27 days. One night, he slept in a chair – and not a wheelchair. An actual metal rimmed chair. Before code red, he was allowed one visitor. The day before he was discharged, he saw the hospital staff preparing two wards for overflow patients from other hospitals.

I watch the Government of Manitoba’s COVID press conferences – and I listen to the reporters questions, knowing sometimes these aren’t the reporter’s questions, but what they’ve been instructed to ask. It’s a tough industry.

I believe there is a crisis at Parkview Place and Maples PCH, and I believe the public shouldn’t have learned about the crisis from a Reddit post. When the Government of Manitoba says. basically, “We had no idea,” that calls for an independent inquiry.

While the elderly and people with chronic conditions are more susceptible to COVID, according to the Government of Manitoba’s website, most of the cases are males – ages 20-to-39.

There have been other pandemics, such as H1N1 from 2009 to 2010 – when 11 Manitobans died – the oldest were two people over sixty. However, nobody from Manitoba died from Ebola or SARS.

The World Health Organization declared COVID a pandemic on March 11th, 2020. As of November 15th – 162 people have died in Manitoba – and we have the most cases per capita across Canada. And we’re a smidge over eight months into this pandemic.

There are businesses that don’t report exposures.

These are all facts and figures from various Government of Manitoba sites. Facts from first-hand experiences from a close family member. And someone who contacted me.

You cannot dispute facts. However, there are three sides to every story. What one person said, what the other person said, and the truth.

On Saturday, November 14th, there was an anti-mask rally in Steinbach, Manitoba. They are abiding by other facts and figures. Some people in Manitoba were horrified. While others agreed with their actions. Months ago, in other health regions, some were less than thrilled to send their children to school with a mask. Again, nothing is 100 per cent, but it’s another line of defence – according to the Government of Manitoba.

But, as I also said, there are three sides to every story.

Maybe we should learn about the other side.