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If you’re looking online for stories about health and wellness, quirky tales, and politics, you landed on the right blog.

These stories range from serious to totally not serious. Life should be happy and light, but there are slippery slopes.

Currently, I’m a freelance reporter, writer (memoirs and romance), actor, model, and I participate in online pageants.

My background: I’m a Creative Communications diploma graduate with a major in journalism from Red River College Polytechnic. After graduation, I accepted a 10-month contract with Shaw TV Edmonton as a broadcast reporter and producer, I relocated from Winnipeg, Manitoba to Edmonton, Alberta.

Before the end of my contract, I chased the Edmonton Journal’s sports editor and became their freelance figure skating reporter. Kaetlyn Osmond, Ravi Walia, Taylor LeClaire, Jessica Gosse, Ben Ferreira, Lisa Sargeant, Lance Vipond, and Debbi Wilkes were a handful of people who gave interviews. When I offered to write about other sports, I found myself in a press box, watching the University of Alberta Golden Bears Football team, and other local football teams.

When I returned to Winnipeg, I worked on contract for 680 CJOB, and then Chris D, covering the 2014 Manitoba Civic Election.

I moved to my hometown of Arborg, Manitoba and two weeks later I was a freelance photojournalist with Interlake Publishing, taking a short hiatus to run for councillor in the town’s by-election in 2015.

In 2014, I presented a social media plan to the Town of Arborg council, becoming the first (and only) social media strategist for Arborg, the RM of Bifrost-Riverton, and Arborg (now Central Interlake) Chamber of Commerce. I was also the first social media strategist for the Arborg and District Multicultural Heritage Village until early 2019.

On the acting and modelling side, I’ve trained with Rogues West in Vancouver, British Columbia under Christiane Hirt, and Company of Rogues under Joe-Norman Shaw in Calgary, Alberta. During the summer of 2022, I competed for the title of Ms Regal World, placing 2nd runner up. I’m Miss Manitoba 2022/2023 under the All Canadian Pageant system.

Please see my client list for samples of my work.

(Fun fact: I was a Production Assistant for APTN during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, and a videojournalist for iTV Winnipeg during a semester break in college.)

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