Freelance Services

Let me assist you to reach your audience, allowing your business to flourish. The following online/print and broadcasting (television/radio/narration) services are on a freelance/contract basis.

Reporting and Social Media Services

  • Specialties: Sports, political, and health
  • Human interest stories
  • Investigative stories (From FOIA to Finish)
  • Content writing and editing
  • Web writing
  • Voicing radio commercials and audiobooks
  • Narrating documentaries and short videos
  • Producing short videos
  • Social media training – The Basics (minimum four people)
  • WordPress site development
  • Creating PowerPoint presentations (ranging from fun to serious)

Photography Services:

Small Town Documentation
Keep a record of your town’s progression with a photo shoot. Streets, stores, signs – even vehicles. They change over time. With a photo shoot, you can document the moment and a memory.

Real Estate Photography
Trying to rent or sell your home? Or reassign the lease? One of the top three reasons a house doesn’t sell is due to poor quality photos and videos. My unique method will sell or rent your place in no time.

Vehicle Photography
Whether it’s a vehicle for an Kijiji advertisement or you want a bumper to bumper photo shoot of your new “baby,” vehicle photos can be tricky. Mirrors, chromes, glares, headlights. I will photograph your vehicle from end-to-end, inside and out – including the engine. Vintage vehicles are my favourite!

My other specialties include candid photography, and events such as parades, dog shows, and fireworks.

*Rates differ per service. Please contact me for more information*

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